User Management System

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The User Management System provides functionality to manage users and personal profiles. It is reliable, extensible and open for easier integration with existent systems.

UMS implements user management and authentication, personal profiles management and classification. Relies on PHP as scripting language and MySQL as database server.

UMS is simple user management system that provides functionality to manage personal profiles and users. Personal profiles contain information such as profile identification number, email, first and last name, etc. Personal profiles are used for personal information such as names, addresses, etc. In order to access personal profile for reading and modification PIN number is used for authentication. User information contains user identification number, username, password and session for authentication. User information is used for high-level authentication and privileges definitions. One or more personal profiles are assigned to a user. In addition there are user groups for the purpose of group specific privileges and profile roles for application specific need related to the userís role in the system.

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